Our History

Mr. Bridges' start in the distribution industry.

1959  B&B Distributors Founded
1968  New Leadership

B&B Distributors moves to a new warehouse located on White Street.

1971  White Street Warehouse

B&B Distributors moves again to Mt. Gallant Rd.

1981  Mt. Gallant Rd. Warehouse
1937   Atlantic Ale and Beer

International Museum of the Baroque

B&B Distributors reaches 1,000,000 cases in sales.

1986  Continued Growth

Budweiser Clydesdales visit Rock Hill's Come-See-Me parade.

1996   Come-See-Me

B&B Distributors moves into new facility on Porter Rd.

Dick & Linda Bridges along with Elizabeth and Rick Bridges.



Now on Sale

New Arrivals

25% Off

Breaking ground on the current Porter Rd warehouse.

1999  New Horizons
1998  Breaking New Ground
2019  Present Day

B&B Distributors, INC by the numbers: 32 Supplier Partners, 60 Years servicing Rock Hill, 70 Employees, 700 SKUS, 665 Retail Customers.

2001  New Sales Milestone

B&B reaches 2,000,000 cases in sales.

2009  A Family Orientation
2011  New Leadership

Rick Bridges takes over company leadership.